The policies contained herein intend to reflect the current rules and policies of American Preparatory Academy, though changes or additions may have become effective since the publication of this material. In the event of a conflict, current statements of Board policy contained in the Bylaws, Rules, official minutes, and other pronouncements of the Board, or superseding law, shall prevail.

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Policy Name   CategoryRevision Date
A-1.1 Mission StatementsA-1.0 Mission and Vision09/01/2022
A-1.2 What We BelieveA-1.0 Mission and Vision09/01/2022
A-1.2.1 Philosophy StatementA-1.0 Mission and Vision09/01/2022
A-1.2.2 School ModelA-1.0 Mission and Vision09/01/2022
A-1.3 Virtuous Character DevelopmentA-1.0 Mission and Vision01/11/2023
A-1.3.1 Builder's ThemeA-1.0 Mission and Vision09/01/2022
A-1.3.2 Ambassadors ProgramA-1.0 Mission and Vision03/24/2023
A-1.4 Unity and Diversity StatementsA-1.0 Mission and Vision02/15/2023
A-2.1 Teachers and Staff ComponentA-2.0 Academic Success09/01/2022
A-2.1.1 School CompactA-2.0 Academic Success03/24/2023
A-2.2 Student ComponentA-2.0 Academic Success09/01/2022
A-2.2.1 Student CompactA-2.0 Academic Success03/24/2023
A-2.3 Parent ComponentA-2.0 Academic Success09/01/2022
A-2.3.1 Parent CompactA-2.0 Academic Success03/24/2023
A-2.3.2 District Parent and Family Engagement PolicyA-2.0 Academic Success12/06/2023
A-2.3.3 School Parent and Family Engagement PolicyA-2.0 Academic Success03/24/2023
A-3.1 Administrative ModelA-3.0 Administrative Model03/24/2023
A-3.2 Team Leaders and Managing DirectorA-3.0 Administrative Model09/01/2022
A-3.3 Policy DevelopmentA-3.0 Administrative Model03/24/2023
A-4.1 Parent Advisory CommitteeA-4.0 School Committees05/08/2023
A-4.2 School Land Trust CommitteeA-4.0 School Committees05/08/2023
A-4.3 Title I CommitteeA-4.0 School Committees05/08/2023
A-4.4 Human Rights CommitteeA-4.0 School Committees09/01/2022
A-5.1 Teacher and Student Success ActA-4.0 School Committees09/21/2023
B-1.1 Financial OversightB-1.0 Financial Oversight09/01/2022
B-1.11 Donations, Gifts & SponsorshipsB-1.0 Financial Oversight03/03/2023
B-1.12 FundraisingB-1.0 Financial Oversight05/08/2023
B-1.13 Federal Time And Effort StandardsB-1.0 Financial Oversight03/03/2023
B-1.3 BudgetingB-1.0 Financial Oversight03/03/2023
B-1.7 Embezzlement PreventionB-1.0 Financial Oversight09/01/2022
B-1.8 ComparabilityB-1.0 Financial Oversight01/26/2024
B-1.8.1 Salary ScheduleB-1.0 Financial Oversight09/01/2022
B-1.8.2 Equivalence PolicyB-1.0 Financial Oversight03/03/2023
B-1.8.3 Maintenance Of EffortB-1.0 Financial Oversight03/03/2023
B-2.1.1 NSLP ProcurementB-2.0 Procurement03/13/2023
B-5.1 Travel ReimbursementB-5.0 Employee Reimbursement03/03/2023
B-5.2 Cell Phone ReimbursementB-5.0 Employee Reimbursement09/01/2022
B-6.1 Pay For Instructors Subbing For TeachersB-6.0 Employee Compensation09/01/2022
B-6.2 Means Of CompensationB-6.0 Employee Compensation09/01/2022
B-6.3 Employee AdvanceB-6.0 Employee Compensation09/01/2022
B-6.4 Payroll ProceduresB-6.0 Employee Compensation03/03/2023
B-7.0 Records Management PoliciesB-7.0 Records Policy03/03/2023
B-8.1 Network Acceptable Use PolicyB-8.0 Network Operations03/03/2023
B-9.1 Facilities UseB-9.0 Facilities09/01/2022
B-9.1.1 Carpet CareB-9.0 Facilities09/01/2022
B-9.2 Non-School Usage Of FacilitiesB-9.0 Facilities09/01/2022
B-9.2.1 LiabilityB-9.0 Facilities09/01/2022
B-9.2.2 SupervisionB-9.0 Facilities09/01/2022
B-9.2.3 SecurityB-9.0 Facilities03/03/2023
B-9.2.4 SanitationB-9.0 Facilities03/03/2023
B-9.2.5 Damage To FacilityB-9.0 Facilities03/03/2023
B-9.3 Climate ControlB-9.0 Facilities09/01/2022
C-1.1 Staff Acceptance StatementC-1.0 Staff Acceptance of Policy09/01/2022
C-1.2 Employee Agreements And AcknowledgementC-1.0 Staff Acceptance of Policy03/24/2023
C-1.3 Ethical ConductC-1.0 Staff Acceptance of Policy06/01/2023
C-10.1 Hiring Or Financial Interest Of RelativesC-8.0 Hiring09/01/2022
C-10.1.1 NepotismC-8.0 Hiring03/24/2023
C-10.2 Background ChecksC-8.0 Hiring03/15/2023
C-10.2.1 Personal Reporting Of ArrestsC-8.0 Hiring09/01/2022
C-10.3 LEA-Specific LicensesC-8.0 Hiring03/24/2023
C-11.0 Staff SurveysC-8.0 Hiring03/24/2023
C-2.1 Professional DevelopmentC-2.0 Training and Meetings04/10/2023
C-2.2 Staff MeetingsC-2.0 Training and Meetings04/10/2023
C-2.3 Emergency Response Plan ReviewC-2.0 Training and Meetings09/01/2022
C-3.1 Staff Code Of ConductC-3.0 Professionalism04/10/2023
C-3.1.1 Staff Dress CodeC-3.0 Professionalism04/10/2023
C-3.1.2 Guidance For Staff With APA ChildrenC-3.0 Professionalism04/10/2023
C-3.1.3 Professional Staff InteractionC-3.0 Professionalism04/10/2023
C-3.2 State License Revocation NotificationC-3.0 Professionalism09/01/2022
C-3.3 Staff EvaluationC-3.0 Professionalism04/10/2023
C-4.1 General Staff AttendanceC-4.0 Staff Attendance09/01/2022
C-4.2 Work ScheduleC-4.0 Staff Attendance04/10/2023
C-4.3 Staff LeaveC-4.0 Staff Attendance09/01/2022
C-4.3.1 Sick LeaveC-4.0 Staff Attendance09/01/2022
C-4.3.2 Personal LeaveC-4.0 Staff Attendance09/01/2022
C-4.4 Drug-Free Workplace PolicyC-4.0 Staff Attendance04/10/2023
C-5.1 Employee PayC-5.0 Employee Compensation09/01/2022
C-5.1.1 Merit PayC-5.0 Employee Compensation04/10/2023
C-5.2 ReimbursementC-5.0 Employee Compensation04/10/2023
C-5.2.1 Tuition ReimbursementC-5.0 Employee Compensation04/10/2023
C-5.2.2 Mileage ReimbursementC-5.0 Employee Compensation04/10/2023
C-5.2.3 Classroom SuppliesC-5.0 Employee Compensation09/01/2022
C-6.1 Facility Usage Outside Of School HoursC-6.0 Use of School Property09/01/2022
C-6.2 School Materials And EquipmentC-6.0 Use of School Property09/01/2022
C-6.2.1 Ownership Of Curricular MaterialsC-6.0 Use of School Property09/01/2022
C-6.2.2 Copier And School Equipment UsageC-6.0 Use of School Property09/01/2022
C-6.2.3 Technology Usage PolicyC-6.0 Use of School Property09/01/2022
C-6.2.4 Keys And KeycardsC-6.0 Use of School Property04/10/2023
C-8.1 Expectation Of PrivacyC-7.0 Privacy09/01/2022
C-8.2 Teacher ValuablesC-7.0 Privacy09/01/2022
C-8.3 Nursing MothersC-7.0 Privacy04/10/2023
Consent Agenda PolicyBoard Policies03/03/2023
D-4.4 Translation and Interpretation Services (Language Access Plan)D-4.0 School to Parent Community03/15/2023
D-5.1.1 Staff To Parent Medical RecommendationsD-5.0 Staff to Parent Communication09/01/2022
D-5.2 Response To Parent InquiriesD-5.0 Staff to Parent Communication09/01/2022
D-5.3 Academic CommunicationD-5.0 Staff to Parent Communication09/01/2022
D-5.3.1 Parent-Teacher ConferencesD-5.0 Staff to Parent Communication09/01/2022
D-5.3.2 Teacher Initial NewsletterD-5.0 Staff to Parent Communication09/01/2022
D-5.3.3 Progress ReportsD-5.0 Staff to Parent Communication09/01/2022
D-5.3.4 Report CardsD-5.0 Staff to Parent Communication09/01/2022
D-6.1 Third Party CommunicationD-6.0 Staff to Outside Communication09/01/2022
D-6.2 FERPAD-6.0 Staff to Outside Communication03/24/2023
D-6.3 Personal CommunicationD-6.0 Staff to Outside Communication03/03/2023
D-6.4 Student PrivacyD-6.0 Staff to Outside Communication09/01/2022
D-7.1 Phone Calls HomeD-7.0 Student to Parent Communication09/01/2022
D-8.1 Parent To Staff GuidelinesD-8.0 Parent to Staff Communication09/01/2022
D-8.2 Parent SurveyD-8.0 Parent to Staff Communication09/01/2022
D-8.3 Homework Response FormsD-8.0 Parent to Staff Communication09/01/2022
Directory Information FERPA Opt-OutD-6.0 Staff to Outside Communication09/01/2022
E-1.1 Lottery And Enrollment ProcedureE-1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal02/27/2023
E-1.2 Loss Of Enrollment Priority StatusE-1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal09/01/2022
E-1.3 Loss Of EnrollmentE-1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal09/01/2022
E-1.4 WithdrawalE-1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal09/01/2022
E-1.5 Transfer StudentsE-1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal09/01/2022
E-1.6 Part-Time Enrollment OptionsE-1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal05/30/2024
E-10.1 Unity And Diversity StatementsE-10.0 Unity and Diversity09/01/2022
E-10.3 CelebrationsE-10.0 Unity and Diversity02/28/2023
E-10.3.2 BirthdaysE-10.0 Unity and Diversity02/28/2023
E-10.4 Students With DisabilitiesE-10.0 Unity and Diversity09/01/2022
E-10.4.1 Service Animals In SchoolsE-10.0 Unity and Diversity02/28/2023
E-11.1 Dress Code PhilosophyE-11.0 Student Dress Code02/28/2023
E-11.2 Dress Code PolicyE-11.0 Student Dress Code02/28/2023
E-11.5 ExemptionsE-11.0 Student Dress Code09/01/2022
E-12.1 Electronic Games Or Cell PhonesE-12.0 Personal Belongings02/28/2023
E-12.2 Banned ItemsE-12.0 Personal Belongings02/28/2023
E-13.1 School Fees, Fee Waivers And Provisions In Lieu Of Fee WaiversE-13.0 School Fees12/11/2023
E-13.5 Lost Or Damaged BooksE-13.0 School Fees04/10/2023
E-2.1 Required Registration DocumentsE-2.0 Registration03/09/2023
E-2.3 Acceptance Of PolicyE-2.0 Registration09/01/2022
E-3.1 Academic CalendarE-3.0 Calendar04/10/2023
E-5.1 General AttendanceE-5.0 Attendance04/10/2023
E-5.1.1 Distance Learning Program AttendanceE-5.0 Attendance02/28/2023
E-5.2 AbsencesE-5.0 Attendance09/01/2022
E-5.2.1 Scheduled AbsencesE-5.0 Attendance04/10/2023
E-5.2.2 Extensive AbsencesE-5.0 Attendance04/10/2023
E-5.3 Truancy, Tardies, Saturday Attendance School03/29/2023
E-5.3 Truancy, Tardies, Saturday Attendance SchoolE-5.0 Attendance04/11/2023
E-6.1 Check-In And Check-Out ProceduresE-6.0 Student Check-ins and Check-Outs04/10/2023
E-6.2 Student Check-Out By Non-ParentE-6.0 Student Check-ins and Check-Outs04/10/2023
E-7.1 VisitorsE-7.0 Visitors and Volunteers04/10/2023
E-7.2 Non-Custodial Parent/GuardiansE-7.0 Visitors and Volunteers09/01/2022
E-8.1 Carpool ProcedureE-8.0 Transportation03/20/2023
E-9.1 Morning ClosuresE-9.0 School Closures03/20/2023
E-9.2 Mid-Day ClosuresE-9.0 School Closures03/20/2023
E-9.3 Out-Of-Session Power OutageE-9.0 School Closures03/20/2023
Extracurricular Eligibility and ExpectationsM-1.0 Extracurricular Eligibility and Expectations08/29/2022
F-1.1 Cleanliness And OrderF-1.0 Classroom Setup09/01/2022
F-1.2 SeatingF-1.0 Classroom Setup09/01/2022
F-1.3 Materials PlacementF-1.0 Classroom Setup09/01/2022
F-1.4 WallsF-1.0 Classroom Setup09/01/2022
F-2.0 Clasroom InventoryF-2.0 Classroom Inventory09/01/2022
F-3.1 DocketsF-3.0 Student Organization03/03/2023
F-3.2 Learning PlansF-3.0 Student Organization03/03/2023
F-4.1 Student FilesF-4.0 Student Records03/03/2023
F-4.2 Student PrivacyF-4.0 Student Records09/01/2022
F-4.3 GradingF-4.0 Student Records09/01/2022
F-4.4 Daily AttendanceF-4.0 Student Records09/01/2022
F-5.1 APA Academic GuideF-5.0 Classroom Plans and Schedules09/01/2022
F-5.2 Daily/Weekly Lesson PlansF-5.0 Classroom Plans and Schedules09/01/2022
F-5.3 Pledge Of AllegianceF-5.0 Classroom Plans and Schedules09/01/2022
F-5.4 Schedules And TransitionsF-5.0 Classroom Plans and Schedules04/11/2023
F-6.1 Substitute TeachersF-6.0 Substitute Teachers09/01/2022
F-7.1 Academic Support TeamsF-7.0 Class Volunteers09/01/2022
F-7.2 Volunteer GuidelinesF-7.0 Class Volunteers09/01/2022
F-7.3 Volunteer AgreementF-7.0 Class Volunteers03/24/2023
G-1.1 Academic Philosophy StatementG-1.0 Academic Philosophy09/01/2022
G-1.2 Commitment To InstructionG-1.0 Academic Philosophy09/01/2022
G-1.3 Academic Performance StandardsG-1.0 Academic Philosophy09/01/2022
G-10.1 Library MaterialsG-10.0 Instructional Materials05/08/2023
G-10.3 APA Maturation, Health and Human SexualityG-10.0 Instructional Materials03/06/2023
G-2.1 Subject Area GroupsG-2.0 Academic Programs03/24/2023
G-2.2 Homework PolicyG-2.0 Academic Programs09/01/2022
G-2.3 Reading UniversityG-2.0 Academic Programs09/01/2022
G-2.4 Classroom ActivitiesG-2.0 Academic Programs09/01/2022
G-2.4.1 Culminating ActivitiesG-2.0 Academic Programs09/01/2022
G-2.4.2 Media UsageG-2.0 Academic Programs03/24/2023
G-2.4.3 Field TripsG-2.0 Academic Programs09/01/2022
G-2.5 Summer PacketsG-2.0 Academic Programs09/01/2022
G-3.1.1 Parent Request For SpedG-3.0 Additional Academic Support09/01/2022
G-3.2 Alternative Language ServicesG-3.0 Additional Academic Support03/24/2023
G-6.1 Testing At APAG-6.0 Testing09/01/2022
G-6.1.1 Test Administration HandbookG-6.0 Testing03/24/2023
G-7.1 School Promotion PolicyG-7.0 Promotion03/24/2023
G-7.2 High School GraduationG-7.0 Promotion03/24/2023
G-7.3 Course Grade ForgivenessG-7.0 Promotion03/24/2023
G-8.1 Homebound/Hospital InstructionG-3.0 Additional Academic Support09/01/2022
G-9.1 At-Risk StudentsG-9.0 Counseling03/24/2023
G-9.2 Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance ProgramG-9.0 Counseling09/01/2022
G-9.3 College and Career ReadinessG-9.0 Counseling03/24/2023
GB-1.1 Governing Board MembershipBoard Policies09/01/2022
GB-1.2 Authority and Duties of DirectorsBoard Policies09/01/2022
GB-1.3 GovernanceBoard Policies03/03/2023
GB-1.3.1 Ends PoliciesBoard Policies09/01/2022
GB-1.3.2 Executive LimitationsBoard Policies09/01/2022
GB-1.3.3 Board-Management LinkageBoard Policies09/01/2022
GB-1.3.4 Governance ProcessBoard Policies09/01/2022
H-2.1 CHAMPsH-2.0 Behavior Model09/01/2022
H-3.0 Student Code of ConductH-3.0 Code of Conduct05/08/2023
H-4.1 Card ChartsH-4.0 K-6 Student Discipline09/01/2022
H-5.3 LockersF-3.0 Student Organization09/01/2022
I-1.0 Comprehensive Wellness PolicyI-1.0 Student Health and Wellness01/31/2024
I-1.1 General Student HealthI-1.0 Student Health and Wellness05/25/2023
I-1.10 Wellness Policy Maintenance I-1.0 Student Health and Wellness02/01/2024
I-1.11 Mental HealthI-1.0 Student Health and Wellness05/25/2023
I-1.2 ImmunizationsI-1.0 Student Health and Wellness05/25/2023
I-1.3 Student MedicationsI-1.0 Student Health and Wellness05/25/2023
I-1.4 Staff Medical TrainingI-1.0 Student Health and Wellness05/25/2023
I-1.5 Air QualityI-1.0 Student Health and Wellness05/25/2023
I-1.6 School Nutrition ProgramsI-1.0 Student Health and Wellness05/25/2023
I-1.7 Food Served and Consumed at SchoolI-1.0 Student Health and Wellness05/25/2023
I-1.8 Student Assistant SafetyI-1.0 Student Health and Wellness09/01/2022
I-1.9 Physical ActivityI-1.0 Student Health and Wellness05/25/2023
I-2.1 Illness During The School DayI-2.0 Illness or Accident09/01/2022
I-2.2 Concussion And Head InjuryI-2.0 Illness or Accident09/01/2022
I-2.3 Blood-Borne PathogensI-2.0 Illness or Accident09/01/2022
I-3.1 Safety On School GroundsI-3.0 Building Security and Safety09/01/2022
I-3.2 Locked DoorsI-3.0 Building Security and Safety09/01/2022
I-3.3 Fire And ElectricI-3.0 Building Security and Safety09/01/2022
I-3.4 Ice And SnowI-3.0 Building Security and Safety09/01/2022
I-3.5 Safe Schools Policy - WeaponsI-3.0 Building Security and Safety09/01/2022
I-3.6 Chemicals And Toxic MaterialsI-3.0 Building Security and Safety09/01/2022
I-4.1 Security CamerasI-4.0 Privacy and School Safety04/10/2023
I-4.3 Accident ReportsI-4.0 Privacy and School Safety04/10/2023
I-4.4 School Safety ViolationsI-4.0 Privacy and School Safety09/01/2022
I-4.5 Searches And SeizuresI-4.0 Privacy and School Safety04/10/2023
I-4.6 Student QuestioningI-4.0 Privacy and School Safety04/10/2023
I-5.0 Student Supervision PoliciesI-5.0 Student Supervision01/26/2024
I-6.1 Volunteer GuidelinesI-6.0 Student Security09/01/2022
I-6.2 Volunteer AgreementI-6.0 Student Security04/10/2023
I-6.4 Visitors On CampusI-6.0 Student Security09/01/2022
I-7.1 Child Abuse Or NeglectI-7.0 Alleged Abuse09/01/2022
I-7.1.1 Access to StudentsI-7.0 Alleged Abuse03/23/2023
I-7.2 Sexual Abuse Or InnuendoI-7.0 Alleged Abuse09/01/2022
I-7.3 SafeUT Crisis LineI-1.0 Student Health and Wellness04/10/2023
I-8.1 Internet Safety And Acceptable UseI-8.0 Technology, Data, and Internet Safety03/24/2023
I-8.2 Data Governance PolicyI-8.0 Technology, Data, and Internet Safety04/10/2023
I-8.3 Technology Security PolicyI-8.0 Technology, Data, and Internet Safety03/24/2023
I-8.3.1 Remediation PlanI-8.0 Technology, Data, and Internet Safety03/24/2023
I-8.4 Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)I-8.0 Technology, Data, and Internet Safety03/23/2023
I-8.5 Digital CitizenshipI-8.0 Technology, Data, and Internet Safety03/24/2023
J-1.1 Emergency Response Plan IntroductionJ-1.0 Emergency Response Plan09/01/2022
J-1.2 Emergency Response Plan ObjectivesJ-1.0 Emergency Response Plan09/01/2022
J-1.3 ERP CommunicationJ-1.0 Emergency Response Plan09/01/2022
J-1.4 ERP Emergency Response TeamsJ-1.0 Emergency Response Plan09/01/2022
J-1.5 ERP In Specific SituationsJ-1.0 Emergency Response Plan09/01/2022
J-1.6 Disaster Incident RecoveryJ-1.0 Emergency Response Plan09/01/2022
J-1.7 Emergency Response Plan ReviewJ-1.0 Emergency Response Plan09/01/2022
J-2.1 Emergency DrillsJ-2.0 Emergency Drills09/01/2022
J-2.2 Earthquake Drill ScriptJ-2.0 Emergency Drills09/01/2022
J-2.3 Lockdown Drill ScriptJ-2.0 Emergency Drills09/01/2022
J-3.0 Emergency Response Plan FlipchartJ-3.0 Emergency Response Plan06/06/2023
J-3.13 Suicide InterventionJ-3.0 Emergency Response Plan09/01/2022
J-3.15 Bomb Threat Hostile ThreatJ-3.0 Emergency Response Plan04/10/2023
J-3.17 Medical EmergencyJ-3.0 Emergency Response Plan04/10/2023
J-3.18 First Aid ChecklistJ-3.0 Emergency Response Plan09/01/2022
J-4.2 Emergency Response TeamJ-4.0 Campus Emergency Response Plans09/01/2022
J-4.3 Known HazardsJ-4.0 Campus Emergency Response Plans09/01/2022
J-4.5 Emergency Contact InformationJ-5.0 Crisis Intervention Plan09/01/2022
J-5.1 Public Information Officer ResponsibilitiesJ-5.0 Crisis Intervention Plan09/01/2022
J-5.2 Crisis Response TeamJ-5.0 Crisis Intervention Plan09/01/2022
J-5.3 Director's ChecklistJ-5.0 Crisis Intervention Plan09/01/2022
J-5.4 Teachers And Staff ResponsibilitiesJ-5.0 Crisis Intervention Plan09/01/2022
J-6.1 Out-Of-Session Building EmergencyJ-6.0 Out-of-Session Emergency09/01/2022
K-1.1 Hours of ServiceK-1.0 Transportation Guidelines09/01/2022
K-2.1 Salt Lake Idling PolicyK-1.0 Transportation Guidelines09/01/2022
K-2.1 Student Transportation PolicyK-2.0 Student Transportation03/24/2023
K-3.1 Student Transportation PoliciesK-2.0 Student Transportation09/01/2022
K-4.1 Transportation GuidelinesK-1.0 Transportation Guidelines09/01/2022
L-1.1 Athletics Mission and VisionL-1.0 Athletics Mission and Vision03/03/2023
L-10.1 Physical ExamL-8.0 Sport Safety09/01/2022
L-10.2 Proper EquipmentL-8.0 Sport Safety09/01/2022
L-10.3 Physical InjuryL-8.0 Sport Safety03/03/2023
L-10.3.1 - ConcussionL-8.0 Sport Safety09/01/2022
L-11.1 AthletesL-9.0 Athletics Code of Conduct09/01/2022
L-11.2 HazingL-2.0 Athletics Participation Requirements09/01/2022
L-11.3 Practices And GamesL-2.0 Athletics Participation Requirements09/01/2022
L-11.4 JerseysL-2.0 Athletics Participation Requirements09/01/2022
L-11.5 - ParentsL-2.0 Athletics Participation Requirements09/01/2022
L-2.1 Academic RequirementsL-2.0 Athletics Participation Requirements09/01/2022
L-2.2 Behavior RequirementsL-2.0 Athletics Participation Requirements09/01/2022
L-3.1 Establishing Sports TeamsL-3.0 Establishing Sports Teams09/01/2022
L-4.1 CoachingL-4.0 Athletics Coaching09/01/2022
L-5.1 Athletic Facilities SchedulingL-5.0 Athletics Facilities09/01/2022
L-5.2 Use Of FacilitiesL-5.0 Athletics Facilities09/01/2022
L-5.2.1 GymnasiumL-5.0 Athletics Facilities09/01/2022
L-5.2.2 Locker RoomL-5.0 Athletics Facilities09/01/2022
L-5.2.3 Off Campus FacilitiesL-5.0 Athletics Facilities09/01/2022
L-6.1 TransportationL-6.0 Athletics Travel and Supervision09/01/2022
L-7.1 HotelsL-6.0 Athletics Travel and Supervision09/01/2022
L-8.1 SupervisionL-8.0 Sport Safety09/01/2022
L-9.1 Compliance And Media Releasel-7.0 Athletics Compliance and Media Release09/01/2022
Open and Public Meetings PolicyBoard Policies03/03/2023
Special Education Policy and Procedure Manual12/19/2023
Student and Parent Grievance Policy and ProcedureD-1.0 General Communication03/03/2023
UCA Fiscal Policy ManualBusiness Operations03/03/2023
UHSAA HandbookL-9.0 Athletics Code of Conduct09/01/2022