The policies contained herein intend to reflect the current rules and policies of American Preparatory Academy, though changes or additions may have become effective since the publication of this material. In the event of a conflict, current statements of Board policy contained in the Bylaws, Rules, official minutes, and other pronouncements of the Board, or superseding law, shall prevail.

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Policy Name   CategoryRevision Date
A-1.1 Mission Statements09/01/2022
A-1.2 What We Believe09/01/2022
A-1.2.1 Philosophy Statement09/01/2022
A-1.2.2 School Model09/01/2022
A-1.3 Virtuous Character Development01/11/2023
A-1.3.1 Builder's Theme09/01/2022
A-1.3.2 Ambassadors Program03/24/2023
A-1.4 Unity and Diversity Statements02/15/2023
A-2.1 Teachers and Staff Component09/01/2022
A-2.1.1 School Compact03/24/2023
A-2.2 Student Component09/01/2022
A-2.2.1 Student Compact03/24/2023
A-2.3 Parent Component09/01/2022
A-2.3.1 Parent Compact03/24/2023
A-2.3.2 District Parent and Family Engagement Policy12/06/2023
A-2.3.3 School Parent and Family Engagement Policy03/24/2023
A-3.1 Administrative Model03/24/2023
A-3.2 Team Leaders and Managing Director09/01/2022
A-3.3 Policy Development03/24/2023
A-4.1 Parent Advisory Committee05/08/2023
A-4.2 School Land Trust Committee05/08/2023
A-4.3 Title I Committee05/08/2023
A-4.4 Human Rights Committee09/01/2022
A-5.1 Teacher and Student Success Act09/21/2023
B-1.1 Financial Oversight09/01/2022
B-1.11 Donations, Gifts & Sponsorships03/03/2023
B-1.12 Fundraising05/08/2023
B-1.13 Federal Time And Effort Standards03/03/2023
B-1.3 Budgeting03/03/2023
B-1.7 Embezzlement Prevention09/01/2022
B-1.8 Comparability01/26/2024
B-1.8.1 Salary Schedule09/01/2022
B-1.8.2 Equivalence Policy03/03/2023
B-1.8.3 Maintenance Of Effort03/03/2023
B-2.1.1 NSLP Procurement03/13/2023
B-5.1 Travel Reimbursement03/03/2023
B-5.2 Cell Phone Reimbursement09/01/2022
B-6.1 Pay For Instructors Subbing For Teachers09/01/2022
B-6.2 Means Of Compensation09/01/2022
B-6.3 Employee Advance09/01/2022
B-6.4 Payroll Procedures03/03/2023
B-7.0 Records Management Policies03/03/2023
B-8.1 Network Acceptable Use Policy03/03/2023
B-9.1 Facilities Use09/01/2022
B-9.1.1 Carpet Care09/01/2022
B-9.2 Non-School Usage Of Facilities09/01/2022
B-9.2.1 Liability09/01/2022
B-9.2.2 Supervision09/01/2022
B-9.2.3 Security03/03/2023
B-9.2.4 Sanitation03/03/2023
B-9.2.5 Damage To Facility03/03/2023
B-9.3 Climate Control09/01/2022
C-1.1 Staff Acceptance Statement09/01/2022
C-1.2 Employee Agreements And Acknowledgement03/24/2023
C-1.3 Ethical Conduct06/01/2023
C-10.1 Hiring Or Financial Interest Of Relatives09/01/2022
C-10.1.1 Nepotism03/24/2023
C-10.2 Background Checks03/15/2023
C-10.2.1 Personal Reporting Of Arrests09/01/2022
C-10.3 LEA-Specific Licenses03/24/2023
C-11.0 Staff Surveys03/24/2023
C-2.1 Professional Development04/10/2023
C-2.2 Staff Meetings04/10/2023
C-2.3 Emergency Response Plan Review09/01/2022
C-3.1 Staff Code Of Conduct04/10/2023
C-3.1.1 Staff Dress Code04/10/2023
C-3.1.2 Guidance For Staff With APA Children04/10/2023
C-3.1.3 Professional Staff Interaction04/10/2023
C-3.2 State License Revocation Notification09/01/2022
C-3.3 Staff Evaluation04/10/2023
C-4.1 General Staff Attendance09/01/2022
C-4.2 Work Schedule04/10/2023
C-4.3 Staff Leave09/01/2022
C-4.3.1 Sick Leave09/01/2022
C-4.3.2 Personal Leave09/01/2022
C-4.4 Drug-Free Workplace Policy04/10/2023
C-5.1 Employee Pay09/01/2022
C-5.1.1 Merit Pay04/10/2023
C-5.2 Reimbursement04/10/2023
C-5.2.1 Tuition Reimbursement04/10/2023
C-5.2.2 Mileage Reimbursement04/10/2023
C-5.2.3 Classroom Supplies09/01/2022
C-6.1 Facility Usage Outside Of School Hours09/01/2022
C-6.2 School Materials And Equipment09/01/2022
C-6.2.1 Ownership Of Curricular Materials09/01/2022
C-6.2.2 Copier And School Equipment Usage09/01/2022
C-6.2.3 Technology Usage Policy09/01/2022
C-6.2.4 Keys And Keycards04/10/2023
C-8.1 Expectation Of Privacy09/01/2022
C-8.2 Teacher Valuables09/01/2022
C-8.3 Nursing Mothers04/10/2023
Consent Agenda Policy03/03/2023
D-4.4 Translation and Interpretation Services (Language Access Plan)03/15/2023
D-5.1.1 Staff To Parent Medical Recommendations09/01/2022
D-5.2 Response To Parent Inquiries09/01/2022
D-5.3 Academic Communication09/01/2022
D-5.3.1 Parent-Teacher Conferences09/01/2022
D-5.3.2 Teacher Initial Newsletter09/01/2022
D-5.3.3 Progress Reports09/01/2022
D-5.3.4 Report Cards09/01/2022
D-6.1 Third Party Communication09/01/2022
D-6.2 FERPA03/24/2023
D-6.3 Personal Communication03/03/2023
D-6.4 Student Privacy09/01/2022
D-7.1 Phone Calls Home09/01/2022
D-8.1 Parent To Staff Guidelines09/01/2022
D-8.2 Parent Survey09/01/2022
D-8.3 Homework Response Forms09/01/2022
Directory Information FERPA Opt-Out09/01/2022
E-1.1 Lottery And Enrollment Procedure02/27/2023
E-1.2 Loss Of Enrollment Priority Status09/01/2022
E-1.3 Loss Of Enrollment09/01/2022
E-1.4 Withdrawal09/01/2022
E-1.5 Transfer Students09/01/2022
E-10.1 Unity And Diversity Statements09/01/2022
E-10.3 Celebrations02/28/2023
E-10.3.2 Birthdays02/28/2023
E-10.4 Students With Disabilities09/01/2022
E-10.4.1 Service Animals In Schools02/28/2023
E-11.1 Dress Code Philosophy02/28/2023
E-11.2 Dress Code Policy02/28/2023
E-11.5 Exemptions09/01/2022
E-12.1 Electronic Games Or Cell Phones02/28/2023
E-12.2 Banned Items02/28/2023
E-13.1 School Fees, Fee Waivers And Provisions In Lieu Of Fee Waivers12/11/2023
E-13.5 Lost Or Damaged Books04/10/2023
E-2.1 Required Registration Documents03/09/2023
E-2.3 Acceptance Of Policy09/01/2022
E-3.1 Academic Calendar04/10/2023
E-5.1 General Attendance04/10/2023
E-5.1.1 Distance Learning Program Attendance02/28/2023
E-5.2 Absences09/01/2022
E-5.2.1 Scheduled Absences04/10/2023
E-5.2.2 Extensive Absences04/10/2023
E-5.3 Truancy, Tardies, Saturday Attendance School03/29/2023
E-5.3 Truancy, Tardies, Saturday Attendance School04/11/2023
E-6.1 Check-In And Check-Out Procedures04/10/2023
E-6.2 Student Check-Out By Non-Parent04/10/2023
E-7.1 Visitors04/10/2023
E-7.2 Non-Custodial Parent/Guardians09/01/2022
E-8.1 Carpool Procedure03/20/2023
E-9.1 Morning Closures03/20/2023
E-9.2 Mid-Day Closures03/20/2023
E-9.3 Out-Of-Session Power Outage03/20/2023
Extracurricular Eligibility and Expectations08/29/2022
F-1.1 Cleanliness And Order09/01/2022
F-1.2 Seating09/01/2022
F-1.3 Materials Placement09/01/2022
F-1.4 Walls09/01/2022
F-2.0 Clasroom Inventory09/01/2022
F-3.1 Dockets03/03/2023
F-3.2 Learning Plans03/03/2023
F-4.1 Student Files03/03/2023
F-4.2 Student Privacy09/01/2022
F-4.3 Grading09/01/2022
F-4.4 Daily Attendance09/01/2022
F-5.1 APA Academic Guide09/01/2022
F-5.2 Daily/Weekly Lesson Plans09/01/2022
F-5.3 Pledge Of Allegiance09/01/2022
F-5.4 Schedules And Transitions04/11/2023
F-6.1 Substitute Teachers09/01/2022
F-7.1 Academic Support Teams09/01/2022
F-7.2 Volunteer Guidelines09/01/2022
F-7.3 Volunteer Agreement03/24/2023
G-1.1 Academic Philosophy Statement09/01/2022
G-1.2 Commitment To Instruction09/01/2022
G-1.3 Academic Performance Standards09/01/2022
G-10.1 Library Materials05/08/2023
G-10.3 APA Maturation, Health and Human Sexuality03/06/2023
G-2.1 Subject Area Groups03/24/2023
G-2.2 Homework Policy09/01/2022
G-2.3 Reading University09/01/2022
G-2.4 Classroom Activities09/01/2022
G-2.4.1 Culminating Activities09/01/2022
G-2.4.2 Media Usage03/24/2023
G-2.4.3 Field Trips09/01/2022
G-2.5 Summer Packets09/01/2022
G-3.1.1 Parent Request For Sped09/01/2022
G-3.2 Alternative Language Services03/24/2023
G-6.1 Testing At APA09/01/2022
G-6.1.1 Test Administration Handbook03/24/2023
G-7.1 School Promotion Policy03/24/2023
G-7.2 High School Graduation03/24/2023
G-7.3 Course Grade Forgiveness03/24/2023
G-8.1 Homebound/Hospital Instruction09/01/2022
G-9.1 At-Risk Students03/24/2023
G-9.2 Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program09/01/2022
G-9.3 College and Career Readiness03/24/2023
GB-1.1 Governing Board Membership09/01/2022
GB-1.2 Authority and Duties of Directors09/01/2022
GB-1.3 Governance03/03/2023
GB-1.3.1 Ends Policies09/01/2022
GB-1.3.2 Executive Limitations09/01/2022
GB-1.3.3 Board-Management Linkage09/01/2022
GB-1.3.4 Governance Process09/01/2022
H-2.1 CHAMPs09/01/2022
H-3.0 Student Code of Conduct05/08/2023
H-4.1 Card Charts09/01/2022
H-5.3 Lockers09/01/2022
I-1.0 Comprehensive Wellness Policy01/31/2024
I-1.1 General Student Health05/25/2023
I-1.10 Wellness Policy Maintenance 02/01/2024
I-1.11 Mental Health05/25/2023
I-1.2 Immunizations05/25/2023
I-1.3 Student Medications05/25/2023
I-1.4 Staff Medical Training05/25/2023
I-1.5 Air Quality05/25/2023
I-1.6 School Nutrition Programs05/25/2023
I-1.7 Food Served and Consumed at School05/25/2023
I-1.8 Student Assistant Safety09/01/2022
I-1.9 Physical Activity05/25/2023
I-2.1 Illness During The School Day09/01/2022
I-2.2 Concussion And Head Injury09/01/2022
I-2.3 Blood-Borne Pathogens09/01/2022
I-3.1 Safety On School Grounds09/01/2022
I-3.2 Locked Doors09/01/2022
I-3.3 Fire And Electric09/01/2022
I-3.4 Ice And Snow09/01/2022
I-3.5 Safe Schools Policy - Weapons09/01/2022
I-3.6 Chemicals And Toxic Materials09/01/2022
I-4.1 Security Cameras04/10/2023
I-4.3 Accident Reports04/10/2023
I-4.4 School Safety Violations09/01/2022
I-4.5 Searches And Seizures04/10/2023
I-4.6 Student Questioning04/10/2023
I-5.0 Student Supervision Policies01/26/2024
I-6.1 Volunteer Guidelines09/01/2022
I-6.2 Volunteer Agreement04/10/2023
I-6.4 Visitors On Campus09/01/2022
I-7.1 Child Abuse Or Neglect09/01/2022
I-7.1.1 Access to Students03/23/2023
I-7.2 Sexual Abuse Or Innuendo09/01/2022
I-7.3 SafeUT Crisis Line04/10/2023
I-8.1 Internet Safety And Acceptable Use03/24/2023
I-8.2 Data Governance Policy04/10/2023
I-8.3 Technology Security Policy03/24/2023
I-8.3.1 Remediation Plan03/24/2023
I-8.4 Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)03/23/2023
I-8.5 Digital Citizenship03/24/2023
J-1.1 Emergency Response Plan Introduction09/01/2022
J-1.2 Emergency Response Plan Objectives09/01/2022
J-1.3 ERP Communication09/01/2022
J-1.4 ERP Emergency Response Teams09/01/2022
J-1.5 ERP In Specific Situations09/01/2022
J-1.6 Disaster Incident Recovery09/01/2022
J-1.7 Emergency Response Plan Review09/01/2022
J-2.1 Emergency Drills09/01/2022
J-2.2 Earthquake Drill Script09/01/2022
J-2.3 Lockdown Drill Script09/01/2022
J-3.0 Emergency Response Plan Flipchart06/06/2023
J-3.13 Suicide Intervention09/01/2022
J-3.15 Bomb Threat Hostile Threat04/10/2023
J-3.17 Medical Emergency04/10/2023
J-3.18 First Aid Checklist09/01/2022
J-4.2 Emergency Response Team09/01/2022
J-4.3 Known Hazards09/01/2022
J-4.5 Emergency Contact Information09/01/2022
J-5.1 Public Information Officer Responsibilities09/01/2022
J-5.2 Crisis Response Team09/01/2022
J-5.3 Director's Checklist09/01/2022
J-5.4 Teachers And Staff Responsibilities09/01/2022
J-6.1 Out-Of-Session Building Emergency09/01/2022
K-1.1 Hours of Service09/01/2022
K-2.1 Salt Lake Idling Policy09/01/2022
K-2.1 Student Transportation Policy03/24/2023
K-3.1 Student Transportation Policies09/01/2022
K-4.1 Transportation Guidelines09/01/2022
L-1.1 Athletics Mission and Vision03/03/2023
L-10.1 Physical Exam09/01/2022
L-10.2 Proper Equipment09/01/2022
L-10.3 Physical Injury03/03/2023
L-10.3.1 - Concussion09/01/2022
L-11.1 Athletes09/01/2022
L-11.2 Hazing09/01/2022
L-11.3 Practices And Games09/01/2022
L-11.4 Jerseys09/01/2022
L-11.5 - Parents09/01/2022
L-2.1 Academic Requirements09/01/2022
L-2.2 Behavior Requirements09/01/2022
L-3.1 Establishing Sports Teams09/01/2022
L-4.1 Coaching09/01/2022
L-5.1 Athletic Facilities Scheduling09/01/2022
L-5.2 Use Of Facilities09/01/2022
L-5.2.1 Gymnasium09/01/2022
L-5.2.2 Locker Room09/01/2022
L-5.2.3 Off Campus Facilities09/01/2022
L-6.1 Transportation09/01/2022
L-7.1 Hotels09/01/2022
L-8.1 Supervision09/01/2022
L-9.1 Compliance And Media Release09/01/2022
Open and Public Meetings Policy03/03/2023
Special Education Policy and Procedure Manual12/19/2023
Student and Parent Grievance Policy and Procedure03/03/2023
UCA Fiscal Policy Manual03/03/2023
UHSAA Handbook09/01/2022