Chapter F - Classroom Organization

Part 4.0 Student Records

Section 4.1 Student Files

Paragraph 4.2 Student Privacy

Policy Statement:

Student Privacy

In order for American Prep to remain compliant with HIPPA and FERPA federal guidelines, all student records must be treated as confidential.  No student records may be distributed outside of American Prep unless written permission is given by the parent/guardian.  Student information may be shared within the school on a limited, need-to-know basis.

With regard to student schoolwork, it is allowable to have volunteers and other students correct student work.  Volunteers must be instructed in writing, and verbally by the classroom teacher in the importance of student confidentiality.  Students will correct work in class, utilizing the red/blue pen system (students take the tests or work the assignment in pencil, then pencils are put away and red/blue pens are taken out.  Errors are circled in red, correct answers are given a checkmark, and corrections are made in blue ink following the correcting session.) Students may exchange papers to correct each other's work or they will correct their own work in different situations.

Any unneeded paperwork that has student names or identifying data on it should be shredded by using the Cintas/Shred Pro bin in the Staff Workroom.  Paperwork that includes student names or identifying data should NEVER be thrown away in the garbage or recycled in the regular recycling containers.


Policy Cross-reference: B-7.5 and D-6.4 Student Privacy

                                         C-9.2, E-7.4, F-7.3 and I-6.2 Volunteer Agreement

Legal References: Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) - Surveys, etc.