Suicide Intervention

If any person has knowledge, direct or indirect, that a person is in danger of harming themselves or others, that person is to report the situation immediately.  Persons of responsibility (staff members, adult volunteers) are to intervene immediately.

  1. Call 911.
  2. Insure "Scene Safety" to avoid injury to rescuer and/or others.
  3. Trained persons should apply appropriate CPR/First Aid if necessary.
  4. Do not move the victim if injured.  Clear others from the area.
  5. Do not leave a suicidal person alone.
  6. Administration will contact the person's parent/legal guardian.  Two people should make the call together if possible.
  7. Crisis counseling techniques by trained administrators are appropriate to defuse the situation (see Special Education Director or school counselor).
  8. Administration will perform a Risk Assessment and collaborate to determine the severity of the situation.
  9. Do not allow the person to go home unsupervised.  A parent/legal guardian must assume direct responsibility for the student before allowing him/her to leave school.
  10. If it is determined that the parent/legal guardian's response is damaging to the person or likely to cause a suicide attempt, the situation must be reported to the Police and the person retained.  Instructions from law enforcement take precedence and are to be followed by staff.
  11. If the person's parent/legal guardian cannot be reached, administration may call the Police and/or a mental health center to make arrangements for the person.  By law, a student may be hospitalized for up to 72 hours without parent/legal guardian consent.
  12. Students who are suicidal may not be safe at school. A parent/guardian will be contacted to arrange for treatment through outside sources.  Referrals may be given to the parent/legal guardian.
  13. Failure to provide professional support may result in school officials reporting such information to appropriate authorities.  A person may not be able to return to school until his/her safety is assured in writing by authorities and/or relevant medical professionals.
  14. Confidentiality will be maintained throughout these procedures unless the safety of the student is at risk.