Chapter F - Classroom Organization

Part 1.0 Classroom Setup

Section 1.1 Cleanliness and Order

Policy Statement:

Cleanliness and Order

Classrooms should be free of unnecessary clutter.  Bookcases and other storage cupboards should generally not be in the front of the classroom, so that students who need to access them during class will not distract other class members, and so that the front of the classroom is neat and orderly.  Only items used in American Prep's instructional programs should be housed in the classrooms or on school property.

Teachers are responsible to keep their classrooms tidy and organized.  Students should be instructed to pick up litter at the end of each day.

Whiteboards should be cleaned at the end of the day and ready for the next day. Long term notes or items of importance should be to the side with a box around it and labeled "do not erase".

Breakout rooms need to remain clean and organized.  Students should be encouraged to leave breakout rooms clean and ready for the next class.  This may require teachers to take one minute for a clean-up session at the end of their group or class.

Teachers are responsible to keep the hallway outside their classroom free of litter and student belongings.  Student belongings may hang on coat hooks in the hallway not on the floor. Instruments are housed inside the classroom at the back or in the music room during the school day and taken home at the end of the day for practice. At the end of each day, students may be directed to clean the hallway area and pick up the floors.