Chapter H - Student Behavior

Part 2.0 Behavior Model

Section 2.1 CHAMPS

Policy Statement:


CHAMPs is the classroom management, school-wide discipline and behavior management model used at American Prep.  Each teacher will be issued a CHAMPs manual as part of their classroom library.  Teachers should familiarize themselves with the CHAMPs program.

A 10-video training course is available for staff and parents to check out from the Instructional Support Specialist.  CHAMPs will be introduced at pre-service and ongoing training will occur during the school year during staff development meetings.  Staff members should view the CHAMPs video series.

The Encyclopedia of Behavior Management by Randall Sprick is a companion to the CHAMPs manual.  Staff members should use the Encyclopedia to address specific behavior challenges in the classroom.  The Encyclopedia is housed in each Assistant Director's office and the Special Education Director's office.  The Encyclopedia may be checked out from any one of these offices.