Chapter E - School Operations

Part 11.0 Student Dress Code

Section 11.2 Dress Code Policy

Policy Statement:

  1. Students should be in school dress code clothing any time they are on school grounds during the school day, with the exception of PE and recess times.
  2. Students must be in full uniform to enter class. If a student is missing a portion of their uniform, they may be referred to the office. The student will call home with the member of staff to inform parents that they are out of uniform. The student will receive a uniform infraction allowing them to finish the day in classes. Students have three opportunities per year to phone home and receive an infraction to remain in the class. After the third time being out of uniform if a student arrives to school without the complete uniform, they will be directed to the office to phone parents and wait until the missing uniform pieces are brought for them to return to class.
  3. Nametags are supplied by American Preparatory Academy. Nametags are part of the required uniform and will be subject to APA uniform policies. Students are asked to leave their name tags at school at the end of each day so that they are less likely to be lost or forgotten. Lost name tags may be replaced for $5.50 from the school office. Lost magnet backs may be replaced for $1.

Uniform Guide Access

Consult the American Prep 2022-23 Uniform Guide for details regarding the approved uniform.  Uniform Guides are available at the school office and one is distributed to each family annually.  You may also find the guide on the school's website at: under the Parent Library tab,

School administration has final discretion regarding uniform compliance and additional uniform rules may be added at any time during the school year. Students will call home every day they are not in compliance.  Students may not be allowed to attend class if they are out of uniform.

Financial Hardship; Other Hardship

If a family is experiencing hardship, we encourage them to meet with a School Administrator who will be able to point them to resources in the community whereby they may find assistance. If a family is under financial hardship, they may contact a school administrator to discuss the ways in which American Prep may assist them in procuring uniforms for their student.