Part 1.0 Governing Board

Section 1.3 Governance Policies

Paragraph 1.3.1 Ends Policies


Policy Statement:

Ends Policies

E 1.  Global Ends Policy

E 2A.   Ends: Student Achievement



         Social Skills

         Critically Minded

         Community Service

E 2B.   Ends: Premier Charter School Model

E 2C.   Ends: Valuable Resource

         Other Schools

         Education Community


E#1: The purpose of UCA is a high-quality, successful, and comprehensive educational model for a cost per school comparable to other Utah schools.  In pursuit of these ends, UCA will bring about results in the following areas:


  • UCA students achieve exemplary character, academic, and social skills; are critically minded; and active in community service.
  • UCA will become the premier charter school model in Utah which includes a superb parent-school partnership.
  • UCA is a valuable resource for other schools and the education community at large and affects positive change in education in Utah.


                                                                                                                        Adopted:  10/15/09

                                                                                               Monitoring method:  Internal Report

                                                                                    Monitoring frequency:  Annually by July 31st