Chapter D - Communication

Part 5.0 Staff to Parent

Section 5.3 Academic Communication

Policy Statement:

Academic Communication

  1. A Learning Plan will be provided to each student each week or annually for Jr. High students.  Students will bring the Learning Plan home in their docket each day.  Information regarding school work, activities and homework will be communicated to American Prep families from the teacher to parents each day via the Learning Plan. Learning Plans are a daily communication tool which parents and teachers can use to communicate regarding academic progress.
  2. At the beginning of each class in Jr. High teachers will send home a disclosure for the class, explaining in some detail what topics will be covered and when, allowing parents to supplement and extend the student's learning at home.  The learning plan is also a good source of information for parents to learn what their student is studying.
  3. Junior High and High School teachers may also post assignments in the school "Assignment Vault."
  4. At the beginning of each month in the elementary grades, teachers will send home a newsletter outlining class news and the curriculum that will be taught in the upcoming month.  A list of recommended reading will be included and parents are to read the selections with their students at home during the month.
  5. SIS will be the means by which Jr. High parents and students may check on the status of assignments and grades at any time.
  6. Bi-monthly reports will go home with students in grades K-2 who are not at mastery.
  7. Bi-monthly reports will go home with all students in grades 3-6.
  8. Progress reports will be mailed to Junior High students at mid-term each quarter.
  9. Report Cards will be issued the week following the end of each quarter.