Chapter E - School Operations

Part 8.0 Transportation

Section 8.1 Carpool Procedure

Policy Statement:

Check the campus Parent-Student Handbook at for detailed Carpool Instructions.

Student Behavior at Carpool

  1. Students are to walk directly to their vehicle.
  2. No horseplay or running allowed at carpool.
  3. No swinging of backpacks, lunchboxes, or any other items.
  4. No yelling, screaming, or speaking in loud voices.
  5. No groups watching videos or playing games on electronic devices.
  6. Students are expected to have all belongings when they go out to carpool.
  7. Students waiting for a carpool are welcome to study on the 3rd floor at the high school lunch tables or in a teacher's classroom. However, students should not be wandering the hallways during carpool.
  8. The sports field is off limits to students during carpool with the exception of school teams participating in practice or games. Students are not permitted to throw, kick or otherwise use any sport equipment during carpool.

Student drop-off

Students may be dropped off at the time indicated in the campus Parent-Student Handbook (dependent on school start time.)

  1. Parents may drive through the carpool lane and pull up to the sidewalk in front of the school.  Students need to exit the right side of the car to ensure their safety.
  2. If students arrive after school begins, parents need to park, walk their students into school and sign their student in at the school office.
  3. Parents may not drop off students at the east or rear doors of the school.
  4. As you pull up to the curb please have your students ready to exit quickly and safely so those waiting can take your place at the curb.  Cars that are at the curb too long hinder the flow of traffic and the efficiency of carpool.  Make sure backpacks are packed and students are ready when you pull up. 
  1. General Instructions
    • If some of your students come out, but others do not (within 3 minutes of being at the curb), inform a staff member on carpool duty.  They will have your number called again.
    • Students are required to wait at the curb for their parent.  They will not be allowed to walk over to a parked car or to meet their parent in an alternate place.  Please pull completely over to the curb to pickup your student.
    • After you have picked up your student, exit the parking lot with caution.  Observe the speed limit (25 mph) in the neighborhood.  Please be cautious and observant to ensure the safety of our students who are walking home.
  2. Late Pickup
    • Students need to be picked up promptly within 15 minutes of their assigned dismissal time.
    • Parents who arrive after carpool is completed must come into the school and fill out a "Late Pickup" form.
    • "Late Pickup" forms will be forwarded to the school administration.  If parents consistently fail to pick up their students on time, they will be contacted by administration for a conference. If the late pickups continue, it will be considered a violation of the Acceptance of Policy.

Students Left After Hours

  1. Students who have not been picked up when the last car in the carpool line finishes picking up students will be brought into the school.  Parents will be contacted.  Students who are waiting for a ride 15 minutes after their pick up time will stay on the benches in the front hall.  They need to sit quietly and may talk or read, do homework, etc.
  2. Parents who arrive to pick up students after carpool is over must come into the school and fill out a late pick up form.  These will be forwarded to school administration.  If parents consistently pick up their students after carpool is over, they will be contacted by administration for a conference.  If the late pick ups continue, it will be considered a violation of the Acceptance of Policy.