Chapter J - Emergency Response

Part 1.0 Emergency Response Plan

Section 1.2 ERP Objectives


Policy Statement:

Emergency Response Plan Objectives

The Emergency Response Plan is designed to provide support to school occupants in the event an emergency situation occurs.  Team members should understand that the plan is designed to protect both life and property.

The most likely emergency situations to occur at or within the school are:

  • A fire
  • An intruder posing a threat to school safety, life and/or property
  • An external threat, or potential threat requiring a school lock-down
  • A student abduction or attempted abduction
  • A violent act by a staff member, student or visitor
  • Crime, or other act of terrorism
  • A bomb threat
  • Medical emergency
  • A student run-away
  • An intoxicated or otherwise impaired person demonstrating disruptive behavior
  • Non-hostile or semi-hostile threat
  • Suicide attempt
  • Hazardous material exposure
  • Suspicion of child abuse
  • Utility failure
  • An earthquake
  • A flood caused by heavy rain
  • A tornado or micro-burst causing significant property damage and/or threat to life
  • Excessive snowfall
  • Extreme temperatures (high or low) for a significant period of time
  • Poor air quality
  • Broken pipes which cause flooding