Chapter F - Classroom Organization

Part 4.0 Student Records

Section 4.4 Daily Attendance

Policy Statement:

Daily Attendance

Elementary - Teachers are responsible for taking attendance each morning.  Student attendance cards of students who are absent should be marked and placed in the attendance envelope.  Envelopes should be delivered to front office by 8:20 a.m. each day.  Students who leave school during the day must take their attendance card to the office so that they may check out.  Attendance cards will be placed in the teachers' mailboxes each evening.  Teachers need to pick up their attendance cards each morning so that they may take attendance.

Groups Teacher should take attendance at the beginning of each group period.

Jr. High/Secondary - Teachers in grades 7-12 should take attendance at the beginning of each period using their clipboard.   In addition, they must enter 1st and 3rd period attendance information into SIS by the end of those periods (1st and 3rd) each day.