Chapter I - Health and Safety

Part 1.0 Student Health and Wellness

Section 1.9 Physical Activity
Policy Statement: Promote physical activity by following the policies and procedures listed below.

I.  Physical Education Curriculum
American Preparatory Academy shall provide students with physical education using an age-appropriate, sequential physical education curriculum consistent with the Utah Core Standards for Physical Education in grades K-6, middle school, and high school consistent with R277-700.

Most elementary students are scheduled to participate in PE twice a week, for approximately 25 minutes each day. Most secondary students (except grade 9) are scheduled to participate in PE for an average of 170 minutes per week for two terms each year. All high school students will meet the state requirements for graduation.

II. Recess
Elementary schedules include a minimum of twenty minutes per school day of supervised recess, normally outdoors, during which they will be encouraged to participate in moderate to vigorous physical activity.  Some schedules include significantly more recess time, depending upon grade level.

III. Athletics Program
American Preparatory Academy provides opportunities for secondary students to participate in physical activities after school, such as competitive sports or dance.

IV. No Screen Time Policy
American Prep recommends that families adopt a no screen-time policy Monday through Thursday. Ample research has demonstrated that it is not beneficial for students to watch TV and play video games on a daily basis. Lack of physical exercise is resulting in obesity in epidemic proportions in our country. We encourage our families to provide opportunities for their students to exercise and study during the weekday evenings. 

V. Walking To/From School
Students who can safely walk to and from school must apply for a walking pass to walk to American Preparatory Academy school. 

VI. Students with Disability
The Special Education Policy and Procedure Manual outlines alternatives and accommodations available to students with disabilities for physical education.