Chapter F - Classroom Organization

Part 4.0 Student Records

Section 4.3 Grading

Policy Statement:


Teachers will follow the Policies and Procedures for Grading.  At the end of each quarter, a preparation day has been set aside to allow teachers time to prepare report cards for each student.

Elementary:  Teachers will submit their students' report cards to their team partner.  The team partner will check the report cards against a rubric to ensure there are no missing elements or inappropriate reports and that the grading guidelines have been followed.  They will return the report cards to their team partner with any deviations from the rubric noted.  The teacher will make the necessary corrections.  Teachers will copy the report card and send it home with the student.  Report cards will be sent home according to the school calendar.  A copy will be kept in the student file.  A second copy will be submitted to the Academic Office for reference.

JH/HS:  Teachers will finalize their grades by the end of the day on the teacher preparation day.  Report cards will be printed and mailed by administration.

Office Forms: Grading Guidelines For Teachers

 Grading Guidelines For Instructors

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