Chapter C - Human Resources

Part 2.0 Training and Meetings

Section 2.2 Staff Meetings

Policy Statement:

Staff Meetings

Each Wednesday and Thursday school will dismiss one hour earlyto allow the American Prep staff to meet.  Staff should be prepared to attend full staff meetings and team meetings each Wednesday.

Periodically there will be full staff meetings/trainings held on Wednesday afternoons. In the event that a full staff meeting is not held, team leaders will be notified  of the start time for their team meeting by their team leader. Teachers and Instructors should be prepared to meet each Wednesday.

Staff should arrive at meetings on time and prepared to participate. Cell phones should be silenced. It is unprofessional to be working on other things while staff meeting is progressing, such as entering grades, grading papers, preparing lessons, etc.

Instructors are expected to attend campus team meetings.  Staff of grades 1-6 will be reviewing the Lesson Progress Chart Summary (LPCS) each week.  Teachers and Instructors of students listed on the LPCS as not achieving mastery should bring data and information that will allow for a fruitful discussion of student progress.  Group placement recommendations will be discussed at team meetings.

District Team Meetings (DTM) will be held monthly for each grade level in K-6 and for each subject in Secondary as follows:

  • Elementary (K-6) meets the 2nd  Wednesday of each month at 2:30 pm - 4:40 pm at D1
  • Secondary (7-12) meets the 1st  Wednesday of each month from 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm at D3

Each meeting will be led by an Administrator or Department Chair.

The primary goal of the meetings is to coordinate academics so that best practices are being utilized across all campuses. The focus activity of the meeting is to review academic achievement scores of students district-wide on accountability elements and determine what practices are resulting in student success, and share those ideas.  Additional things that can be done at this meeting are synchronizing the use of 180-day plans in each grade or subject, replicating materials, sharing bulletin board displays, test prep activities, SWYKs (Elementary), and creating minimum requirements for history and science classroom boards. The meetings should also include updating Grade Level Guides and subject unit binders in Elementary.