Chapter C - Human Resources

Part 10.0 Hiring

Section 10.2 Background Checks

Policy Statement:

Employees who are not currently certified as teachers are required to provide their fingerprints electronically within two (2) weeks of employment for a criminal background check. The Utah State Board of Education requires a background check for all school employees when they begin employment with the school. Depending on which campus you will be working at, fingerprints are taken at an authorized LiveScan site.  The HR Department will give you directions on where you will need to go to complete this.  The APS Office location is an official LiveScan site.

Personal information and fingerprints may be retained for ongoing monitoring and comparison against future submissions to the state, regional or federal database and latent fingerprint inquiries. American Preparatory Academy/Schools will establish procedures to ensure removal of fingerprints from applicable state and federal databases when an employee is no longer under their purview.

Applicants are asked in the employment application to disclose any criminal history they have. Employees will provide a list of all criminal convictions which contains a description of the crimes and the particulars of the convictions.

An employee may request to review any results of this inquiry, however, UCA 53-10-108 does not allow American Preparatory Academy/Schools to provide a copy of those results. Before a determination is made, an employee will be afforded a reasonable amount of time to challenge the completeness and accuracy of the record through the procedures established by American Preparatory Academy/Schools as well as contacting the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification (Utah Criminal History Results), the State Identification Bureau (SIB) associated with any results that are outside of Utah, or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (Nationwide Criminal History Response Information).

Until the completion of the background check, employees will be denied unsupervised access to children.