Chapter E - School Operations

Part 1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal

Section 1.2 Loss of Enrollment Priority Status

Policy Statement:

Returning student with sibling enrolled at APA:

In the event a student leaves APA but his/her sibling(s) remain at APA, and the student who left desires to return to APA, when the intent to enroll is received the student's name will be placed on the sibling wait list (at the bottom) for the appropriate grade.

Family that leaves APA but wishes to re-enroll:

In the event all students in a family leave APA and they desire to return one or all students to APA, their application will be placed in the general applicant pool with all new applicants.

Student or family that leaves APA due to extenuating circumstances:

In the event a family leaves APA due to extenuating circumstances beyond their control (a student becomes seriously ill and has to withdraw from school for medical treatment out of the area, for example), and desires at a future time to re-enroll their students at APA, the Governing Board may consider their situation and determine if they qualify for priority enrollment.

Academic Violations

If a student consistently fails to participate in the American Prep academic program, or if their parent fails to honor the Acceptance of Policy, the School Administration may recommend to the Governing Board that the student's priority enrollment be reconsidered.  The Governing Board will hold a meeting with the family to discuss the areas of concern.  Any of the following, and other violations of the Acceptance of Policy or other school policies may result in a Governing Board hearing:

  1. Students who fail the academic course of study as a result of lack of effort.
  2. Students who display willful noncompliance as evidenced by failure to turn in consecutive assignments or participate in classwork.
  3. Parents who are unwilling to review and sign the learning plan each day for students, and who fail to ensure their student completes assignments.

Supporting Materials:

Legal References:  53G-6-502