2016 American Prep Academy Bus and Van Transportation Rules


Students are expected to honor the following transportation guidelines:


  1. Students should speak with a soft voice on the bus - no yelling or screaming
  2. If a student needs to get the attention of the bus aide, they will raise their hand
  3. When the bus aid or driver calls the students to attention, all students will stop what they are doing and give the bus aid/driver their attention
  4. Seat belts must be worn whenever possible (van transportation)
  5. No swearing or wrecker language is to be used
  6. Only building language is allowed to be spoken on the bus
  7. Hands, feet, other body parts, and belongings are kept to themselves at all times
  8. No food or drink is allowed to be consumed while in any school/district vehicle
  9. No gum chewing at any time
  10. Feet must remain on the floor - no feet on the seats or interior
  11. Students must remain seated at all times except when entering or exiting the bus or van
  12. All parts of the body must remain in the vehicle - no heads, hands or arms out of the windows
  13. No objects are to be thrown out of the windows
  14. Electronic devices are allowed as long as they are not offensive to other students (earphones are required at all times)
  15. If the bus aide or driver asks to see what is on an electronic device, students will comply immediately
  16. The bus aide or driver has the right to confiscate any item that is considered to be a disruption on the bus
  17. School Code of Conduct is expected at all times before getting on the bus, while on the bus and after the student has exited the bus and the student has entered their home.
  18. If students do not comply with these guidelines, they may lose the opportunity to use American Prep's transportation services



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