Chapter G - Academics

Part 2.0 Academic Programs

Section 2.4 Classroom Activities

Paragraph 2.4.3 Field Trips

Policy Statement:

Field Trips

Students will participate in approximately two field trips per year.  Field trips must be closely related to the content covered in history, science, or literature.  Teachers will work as a grade-level team to plan and carry out these field trips.  Parents may be asked to volunteer as chaperones and drivers.  Drivers must have a copy of their driver's license and proof of insurance on file with the school office.  To minimize the impact of field trips on academic group instruction (reading, spelling and math groups), grades 1-3 and 4-6 should schedule their field trips on the same days.  Teachers should plan and schedule field trips by the end of the prior school year and get dates to school administrators for the school calendar.  If possible, field trips should be conducted in the afternoons to avoid group conflicts altogether.

Field trip permission forms and driver release forms can be obtained from administration  (make sure full address of destination is listed on the form).

The budget for field trips can be obtained from the Business Manager.