Chapter C - Human Resources 
C-11.0 Employee Surveys

Educator Exit and Engagement Surveys


Surveys may provide objective and subjective data for use by the American Preparatory Academy (APA) governing board, as well as the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) and other relevant, authorized parties.


American Preparatory Academy governing board members and staff, as well as any and all authorized third-party providers and/or administrators of surveys.


  1. The American Preparatory Academy governing board and staff shall administer public educator exit and engagement surveys to educators (i.e. classroom teacher, preschool teacher, special education teacher, or school-based specialist) as required by Utah state statute, USBE administrative rule, and APA governing board policy. APA shall utilize the USBE-recommended platform for survey questions in order to assure data quality and uniformity. APA recognizes the responsibility of its Board and staff to protect Personally Identifiable Information (PII), which may be sensitive, private, or protected under Utah's Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA). To properly administer surveys, and in order to protect PII, APA will use only secure methods of survey administration, data collection, and transfer. The intervals for the administration of surveys will be in accordance with USBE rules. All required data shall be transferred to the State Superintendent of Public Education by June 30 of each calendar year.
  2. Consistent with the USBE rule, surveys:
  •   Shall allow each Educator to remain anonymous
  •   May NOT request the Educator's CACTUS ID number
  •   Shall ask each Educator to identify the Educator's Local Education Agency (LEA)
  •   May ask each Educator to voluntarily identify the Educator's school
  •   May ask each Educator to provide basic non-identifying demographic data as requested by the State Superintendent