Hostile Threat - Bomb Threat

  1. Be calm and courteous.  Listen - try not to interrupt the caller.  Try to keep the caller on the line as long as you can while another person calls 911 to trace the call. Remember as much detail about the criminal as possible.  The assisting person should read the remainder of this page, not the person receiving the call.   YOU MUST TURN TO AND USE THE NEXT PAGE- BOMB THREAT INTERVIEW FORM WHILE ON THE PHONE.
  2. When calling 911, you may need this information:
    • AT & T is our carrier, APA's main number on account is 501-7312
    • Line 1 is 553-8500
    • Line 2 is 571-1682
    • Line 3 is 571-8558
    • Line 4 is 501-8201
  3. Notify administration.
  4. Authorities and administration will assess the evidence available about the threat to determine if the school should be evacuated.
  5. Fire evacuation procedures are used to evacuate the building with one exception, building occupants must exit to the south of the property following the "Complete Premises Evacuation" procedure (above).
  6. Do not allow yourself or students to joke or otherwise act casually about the situation.  During the evacuation, look and listen for clues as to who might be responsible for the threat.
  7. After consulting with authorities, administration will determine if school will be canceled.
  8. In the event of cancellation, the calling tree will be initiated to begin carpool FROM THE PARK.
  9. Students will only be released to authorized persons as defined on student registration cards.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title="J-3.15.1 BOMB THREAT INTERVIEW FORM" tab_id="1617783144082-806e2594-a456"][vc_column_text]Instructions: Be calm and courteous. Listen carefully; do not interrupt the caller.   Immediately notify the School Director or Business Manager.

Name of Person Receiving Call_______________________  Time ________                 Date_________            

Call Received on Phone #                      in:    Classroom     Administration          Other                          

Caller's Identity: Male____     Female_____     Adult___ _    Juvenile____ _      Approximate Age______

Origin of Call: Local_____        Long Distance_____     Booth_____

       Voice Characteristics


___Loud            ___Soft

___High pitch  ___Deep

___Raspy          ___Pleasant



___Fast         ___Slow

___Distinct  ___Distorted

___Stutter    ___Nasal



___Excellent  ___Good

___Stutter      ___Nasal

___Foul           ___Other


___Local            ___Not Local





___Calm           ___Angry

___Rational     ___Irrational

___Coherent   ___Incoherent

___Deliberate ___Emotional

___Righteous  ___Laughing

         Background Noises


___Noisy          ___Music

___Unusual     ___Animals

___Voices         ___Street Traffic

___ Factory/machinery

___ Quiet

Pretend you have difficulty with hearing.  Keep caller talking.  If caller seems agreeable to further conversation, ask questions like:

When will it go off:    Certain hour ___________ Time remaining_______________

Where is it located:   Building_______________ Area____________________________

What kind of bomb: ___________________________________________________________

Where are you now: ___________________________________________________________

How do you know so much about the bomb? _________________________________

What is your name and address?_______________________________________________

If building is occupied, inform caller that detonation could cause injury or death.

Did caller appear familiar with the place or building by his description of the bomb location?  If so, write out the message in its entirety and any other comments on the back of this form.