The policies contained herein intend to reflect the current rules and policies of American Preparatory Academy, though changes or additions may have become effective since the publication of this material. In the event of a conflict, current statements of Board policy contained in the Bylaws, Rules, official minutes, and other pronouncements of the Board, or superseding law, shall prevail.

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Policy Name   CategoryRevision Date
E-1.1 Lottery And Enrollment ProcedureE-1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal02/27/2023
E-1.2 Loss Of Enrollment Priority StatusE-1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal09/01/2022
E-1.3 Loss Of EnrollmentE-1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal09/01/2022
E-1.4 WithdrawalE-1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal09/01/2022
E-1.5 Transfer StudentsE-1.0 Enrollment and Withdrawal09/01/2022
E-10.1 Unity And Diversity StatementsE-10.0 Unity and Diversity09/01/2022
E-10.3 CelebrationsE-10.0 Unity and Diversity02/28/2023
E-10.3.2 BirthdaysE-10.0 Unity and Diversity02/28/2023
E-10.4 Students With DisabilitiesE-10.0 Unity and Diversity09/01/2022
E-10.4.1 Service Animals In SchoolsE-10.0 Unity and Diversity02/28/2023
E-11.1 Dress Code PhilosophyE-11.0 Student Dress Code02/28/2023
E-11.2 Dress Code PolicyE-11.0 Student Dress Code02/28/2023
E-11.5 ExemptionsE-11.0 Student Dress Code09/01/2022
E-12.1 Electronic Games Or Cell PhonesE-12.0 Personal Belongings02/28/2023
E-12.2 Banned ItemsE-12.0 Personal Belongings02/28/2023
E-13.1 School Fees, Fee Waivers And Provisions In Lieu Of Fee WaiversE-13.0 School Fees12/11/2023
E-13.5 Lost Or Damaged BooksE-13.0 School Fees04/10/2023
E-2.1 Required Registration DocumentsE-2.0 Registration03/09/2023
E-2.3 Acceptance Of PolicyE-2.0 Registration09/01/2022
E-3.1 Academic CalendarE-3.0 Calendar04/10/2023
E-5.1 General AttendanceE-5.0 Attendance04/10/2023
E-5.1.1 Distance Learning Program AttendanceE-5.0 Attendance02/28/2023
E-5.2 AbsencesE-5.0 Attendance09/01/2022
E-5.2.1 Scheduled AbsencesE-5.0 Attendance04/10/2023
E-5.2.2 Extensive AbsencesE-5.0 Attendance04/10/2023
E-5.3 Truancy, Tardies, Saturday Attendance SchoolE-5.0 Attendance04/11/2023
E-6.1 Check-In And Check-Out ProceduresE-6.0 Student Check-ins and Check-Outs04/10/2023
E-6.2 Student Check-Out By Non-ParentE-6.0 Student Check-ins and Check-Outs04/10/2023
E-7.1 VisitorsE-7.0 Visitors and Volunteers04/10/2023
E-7.2 Non-Custodial Parent/GuardiansE-7.0 Visitors and Volunteers09/01/2022
E-8.1 Carpool ProcedureE-8.0 Transportation03/20/2023
E-9.1 Morning ClosuresE-9.0 School Closures03/20/2023
E-9.2 Mid-Day ClosuresE-9.0 School Closures03/20/2023
E-9.3 Out-Of-Session Power OutageE-9.0 School Closures03/20/2023
K-1.1 Hours of ServiceK-1.0 Transportation Guidelines09/01/2022
K-2.1 Salt Lake Idling PolicyK-1.0 Transportation Guidelines09/01/2022
K-2.1 Student Transportation PolicyK-2.0 Student Transportation03/24/2023
K-3.1 Student Transportation PoliciesK-2.0 Student Transportation09/01/2022
K-4.1 Transportation GuidelinesK-1.0 Transportation Guidelines09/01/2022