The policies contained herein intend to reflect the current rules and policies of American Preparatory Academy, though changes or additions may have become effective since the publication of this material. In the event of a conflict, current statements of Board policy contained in the Bylaws, Rules, official minutes, and other pronouncements of the Board, or superseding law, shall prevail.

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Policy Name   CategoryRevision Date
B-1.1 Financial OversightB-1.0 Financial Oversight09/01/2022
B-1.11 Donations, Gifts & SponsorshipsB-1.0 Financial Oversight03/03/2023
B-1.12 FundraisingB-1.0 Financial Oversight05/08/2023
B-1.13 Federal Time And Effort StandardsB-1.0 Financial Oversight03/03/2023
B-1.3 BudgetingB-1.0 Financial Oversight03/03/2023
B-1.7 Embezzlement PreventionB-1.0 Financial Oversight09/01/2022
B-1.8 ComparabilityB-1.0 Financial Oversight01/26/2024
B-1.8.1 Salary ScheduleB-1.0 Financial Oversight09/01/2022
B-1.8.2 Equivalence PolicyB-1.0 Financial Oversight03/03/2023
B-1.8.3 Maintenance Of EffortB-1.0 Financial Oversight03/03/2023
B-2.1.1 NSLP ProcurementB-2.0 Procurement03/13/2023
B-5.1 Travel ReimbursementB-5.0 Employee Reimbursement03/03/2023
B-5.2 Cell Phone ReimbursementB-5.0 Employee Reimbursement09/01/2022
B-6.1 Pay For Instructors Subbing For TeachersB-6.0 Employee Compensation09/01/2022
B-6.2 Means Of CompensationB-6.0 Employee Compensation09/01/2022
B-6.3 Employee AdvanceB-6.0 Employee Compensation09/01/2022
B-6.4 Payroll ProceduresB-6.0 Employee Compensation03/03/2023
B-7.0 Records Management PoliciesB-7.0 Records Policy03/03/2023
B-8.1 Network Acceptable Use PolicyB-8.0 Network Operations03/03/2023
B-9.1 Facilities UseB-9.0 Facilities09/01/2022
B-9.1.1 Carpet CareB-9.0 Facilities09/01/2022
B-9.2 Non-School Usage Of FacilitiesB-9.0 Facilities09/01/2022
B-9.2.1 LiabilityB-9.0 Facilities09/01/2022
B-9.2.2 SupervisionB-9.0 Facilities09/01/2022
B-9.2.3 SecurityB-9.0 Facilities03/03/2023
B-9.2.4 SanitationB-9.0 Facilities03/03/2023
B-9.2.5 Damage To FacilityB-9.0 Facilities03/03/2023
B-9.3 Climate ControlB-9.0 Facilities09/01/2022
UCA Fiscal Policy ManualBusiness Operations03/03/2023