The policies contained herein intend to reflect the current rules and policies of American Preparatory Academy, though changes or additions may have become effective since the publication of this material. In the event of a conflict, current statements of Board policy contained in the Bylaws, Rules, official minutes, and other pronouncements of the Board, or superseding law, shall prevail.

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Policy Name   CategoryRevision Date
C-5.1 Employee PayC-5.0 Employee Compensation09/01/2022
C-5.1.1 Merit PayC-5.0 Employee Compensation04/10/2023
C-5.2 ReimbursementC-5.0 Employee Compensation04/10/2023
C-5.2.1 Tuition ReimbursementC-5.0 Employee Compensation04/10/2023
C-5.2.2 Mileage ReimbursementC-5.0 Employee Compensation04/10/2023
C-5.2.3 Classroom SuppliesC-5.0 Employee Compensation09/01/2022