Chapter F - Classroom Organization

Part 5.0 Classroom Plans and Schedules

Section 5.4 Schedules and Transitions

Policy Statement:

Schedules and Transitions

Students are given regular opportunities for mild physical activity through transitions to classes and groups between 5 and 10 times per day.

Adherence to school schedules, such as arrival time to and from classes, lunch, P.E., and recess is important to ensure the smooth flow of each day at American Prep.  Efficient transitions between groups (grades 1-6) and classes (grades 7-12) are vital to the academic success of American Prep students.  Teachers will ensure that they release their students at the correct time, with all materials including their dockets, so that they can begin the next class on time.  Teachers will also instruct their students in the importance of efficient transitions, utilizing reward systems that will encourage students to be prepared for each class on time.

The beginning times of groups and classes will be strictly adhered to.  Teachers must not wait for students who are tardy to begin groups or classes.  Class must begin on time, and late students should be required to "catch up", with the intent of encouraging them to be on time.  To ensure students can achieve on-time arrivals, it is vital that teachers release students on time.  Students should not be held after class to talk with teachers or pay consequences for behavior.