Scheduled Absences


  1. Suppose a student needs to be absent from school for a special purpose that is known to the family in advance. In that case, the parent needs to fill out a Scheduled Absence Request via Skyward on the computer or mobile app by going to "Family Access," then selecting "attendance," then "add absence request." Only when this form is filled out and accepted by the administration will a student be allowed to make up missed schoolwork. Scheduled absences still count toward the total number of absences. Turning in a "Scheduled Absence Request" does not excuse your student from missed class or homework. Absences will not be approved during state or school testing.
  2. When parents complete a "Scheduled Absence Request," it is the responsibility of parents and/or students to:
    1. email the teacher and notify them of the planned absence
    2. check the student's learning plan for homework and schoolwork assignments
    3. email the teacher to clarify any homework or classwork assignments
    4. collect the student's books and materials needed to complete the work – this includes making copies of needed materials.
    5. grade student work that was assigned during the absence.
  3. Administration may not approve scheduled absences if a student has less than 95% attendance. If an absence is not approved, teachers may not be required to do extra work to assist the student in gathering and correcting missing work. Parents may be requested to pay for additional copies and/or assist with correcting schoolwork.