Chapter E - School Operations

Part 13.0 School Fees

Section 13.5 Lost or Damaged School Property

Policy Statement: 

Lost or Damaged School Property

School property that is issued to students is expected to be returned in the same condition with consideration for normal "wear and tear" no later than the last school day of each school year.  American Prep staff carefully records and inspects issued items, including: digital equipment, textbooks, library books, musical instruments, and other materials.  When a student is issued an item during the school year, it is the family's responsibility to report any damage that may have escaped the school's notice within 2 school days.  Failure to do so will result in the assumption that any damage found occurred while under the current student's care. Parents will be required to pay for all materials that are not returned, lost, or returned with damage.

Fines associated with unreturned, lost, or damaged items are NOT subject to fee waivers.   APA will work with families to provide options to help with the reduction of and payment of fines, including payment plans or the school may provide for a program of work the student may complete in lieu of the payment.  American Prep may withhold the issuance of an official written grade report, diploma, or transcript of the student responsible for the willful damage or loss until the fine has been resolved (53G-8-212(2)(a)).  American Prep also reserves the right to seek payment through a collections agency if a fine has not been paid or resolved within 60 days of issuance for continuing students or immediately for unenrolled students.

Updated 06/2020