Medical Emergency - Accident, Injury, Illness, Burn, Choking

Students with medical conditions may have special medications at APA as authorized by a medical doctor.  They should be administered as outlined in the student's medical file and only to that student.  Medical files are located in the Top drawer of a black file cabinet at the main school secretary's desk.  It is marked with a red cross label.


  1. Insure "Scene Safety" to avoid additional injury to rescuer and/or others.
  2. Determine if the injury/medical emergency is critical or non-critical.
  3. Assign someone to notify administration and Call 911 immediately.  Have them return and report to you.
  4. Review the victim's file if available to obtain pertinent medical information.  Provide file to authorities when they arrive.
  5. If available, insure that a CPR/First Aid trained individual applies CPR/First Aid appropriate for the injury.  Do not move the victim unless risk of further injury is present.
  6. See "Introduction" (above) for location of First Aid kits, CPR Kits and Burn Kits.     
  7. Minimize additional injury to the victim or others.
  8. Do not use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or any other medications.
  9. Only use basic first aid supplies, limiting cleaning with sterile materials, soap and water only.
  10. Contact the victim's parent/guardian/emergency contact for additional medical information.
  11. Minimize further injury and maximize comfort until authorities arrive (approx. 7 minutes).
  12. Document the injury on the appropriate form(s) available at the school office.


If victim is coughing forcefully, encourage continued coughing to clear object.  Ask the victim, "Are you choking?"  If an adult, obtain consent to help by asking, "Can I help you?".  If a minor with no parent/guardian present, legally you may assume consent and perform the Heimlich maneuver.

Heimlich Maneuver—Responsive Adult or Child

  1. Stand behind the victim and reach around their abdomen.
  2. Make a fist with one hand and place it just above the belly button (thumb side into abdomen).  Grasp your fist with your other hand.
  3. Thrust inward and upward into the abdomen with quick jerks.  Continue until the victim can expel the object or becomes unresponsive.
  4. For a responsive pregnant woman, give chest thrusts from behind the victim, reaching completely around the victim under her arms.  If the victim becomes unresponsive, Call 911 and perform CPR.


  1. Monitor the victim's breathing and be ready to give CPR if needed.
  2. Call 911.   Notify administration by messenger. 
  3. Have the victim lie on his or her back on a blanket or coat and elevate the legs 8-12 inches (unless the victim may have a spinal injury).
  4. Loosen any tight clothing.  Be alert for vomiting and turn head to side to drain the mouth.
  5. Maintain victim's normal body temperature.  Do not let the victim eat or drink anything.