Chapter A - APA Model

Part 3.0 Administrative Model

Section 3.1 District Flow Chart


School Level

  • School Director and/or Administrative Director - Depending upon the particular campus, some schools have a School Director, and some schools have an Administrative Director, and a campus may have both or neither.  The School Director and/or Administrative Director may be assigned as leads on suspensions and/or expulsions, retentions, due process hearings, interactions with social services, exceptions to policy or procedures (such as dress code or participation requirements), or any global issues. He or she will consult the District Executive Director in all matters requiring additional direction.
  • Lower Elementary Directors: manage the Elementary Program, grades K-3
  • Upper Elementary Directors:  manage the Elementary Program, grades 4-6
  • Junior High Director: manages the Jr. High Program
  • High School Director: manages the High School Program


Early Learning Center

ELC Director: Carlene Dastrup

Draper 1 Campus

School Director: Michelle Mulcahy

K-3 Elementary Director: Kami Bodily

4-6 Elementary Director: Michelle Mulcahy

Administrative Director: Jodi Johnson

Draper 2 Campus

K-3 Elementary Director: Megan Davis

4-6 Academic Director: Angie Lawrence

Administrative Director:  Cindy Lawrence

School Support Director: Cathie Adamson

Draper 3

School Director: Brad Sheneman

High School Director: Carole Hollinger

Junior High School Director: Todd Christensen

Athletic Director: Lindsey Bluth

West Valley 1 Campus

School Director: Laura Leavitt

Administrative Director: MaryCarmen Gamez

K-3 Elementary Director: Mikele Crandall

4-6 Elementary Director: Heidi Franco

West Valley 2 Campus

K-3 Elementary Director: Eryn Woolston

4-6 Elementary Director: Julie Rodriguez

West Valley 2 Secondary (West Valley 3)

Secondary Director: Craig Peterson

High School Director: Jake Winegar

Junior High Director: Al Ramirez

Assistant Junior High Director: Aylin Gharabighi

Director of Student Support Services: Tammy Okleberry

Athletic Director: Jeff Bodell


Salem Campus

School Director: Richard Fillerup

K-3 Elementary Director: Jessica Barton

4-6 Elementary Director: Cody O'Brien

Secondary Director: Richard Fillerup

Governing Board - Utah Charter Academies Governing Board Members

Governing board members meet monthly in open meetings where they receive administrative, financial, and operations reports from American Preparatory Schools Executive Directors.  Governing board members provide governance and oversight, ensuring that school activities align with goals and assurances defined in the Charter Agreements.

Ted Heap - Chair

Thomas Young - Treasurer

Stephanie Henderson - Secretary

Brad Blanchard - Parent Advocate

Each year one board member serves as the parent advocate.  The parent advocate is available for consultation with staff as well as parents.  They may be reached at