Chapter F - Classroom Organization

Part 3.0 Student Organization

Section 3.2 Learning Plans

Policy Statement:

Learning Plans

  1. A learning plan will be issued to each elementary student at the beginning of each week.  In the younger grades, teachers write the week's lessons, subjects covered, and assignments on the learning plan for the students.  In the older grades, students will fill in the subject areas on the learning plan in each class each day.
  2. Parents will review their student's learning plan each night.  When assignments are completed, parents will initial the learning plan.  If a student is unable to finish an assignment, the parent is to circle and initial the assignment indicating they are aware of the assignment that must be completed.
  3. Elementary teachers or instructors will check the Learning Plan each morning for signatures, and at the end of each day to ensure the student has filled in the subject area boxes correctly and completely.
  4. Group teachers will take the time at the end of each class period and explicitly instruct their students to get out their Learning Plan and will guide them in filling in the Learning Plan box correctly and completely.