Chapter E - Daily Operations

Part 12.0 Personal Belongings

Section 12.2 Banned Items

Policy Statement:

Banned Items

Weapons and dangerous substances are not allowed on the premises of American Prep. Possession of any of the following items may be grounds for immediate expulsion:

  • Drug paraphernalia, including vape batteries, devices, or accessories
  • Controlled substances
    • narcotics
    • tobacco, cigarettes, e-cigarettes/vapes, and other electronic smoking devices
    • Alcohol
    • prescription medications
  • Weapons, including real weapons or look-alike weapons
    • Toy guns (Nerf, Rubber band Shooters, Airsoft, etc.)
    • Any explosive, noxious, or flammable material (including aerosol cans, such as deodorant sprays)
    • Matches or lighters
    • Bullets
    • Knives or other cutting tools (other than school scissors)

Sexually explicit material – written, pictorial, or electronic including nude depictions of either gender in a sexual content.

Policy Cross-reference: Student Code of Conduct - Banned Items

Legal References: Utah Code Title 76, Chapter 10, Part 1 and Utah Code 53G-8-602