Chapter H - Behavior

Part 7.0 Alleged Abuse

Section 7.1 Child Abuse or Neglect

Child Abuse or Neglect Reporting

Any staff member who witnesses or suspects child abuse or neglect is responsible to report such abuse or neglect to the proper legal authority.  The staff member is encouraged to bring this information to the School Director, who may also make a report.  However, regardless of the action or inaction of the school, it is the responsibility of any school employee who knows or reasonably believes that a child has been neglected, or physically or sexually abused, shall immediately notify the nearest peace officer, law enforcement agency, or the Division of Child and Family Services.

If a school employee reasonably suspects child abuse or neglect, it is not the responsibility of the school employee to prove that the child has been abused or neglected, or determine whether the child is in need of protection. Investigation by education personnel prior to submitting a report should not go beyond that necessary to support a reason to believe that a reportable problem exists.

R277-401 Child Abuse-Neglect Reporting by Education Personnel.