Chapter I - Health and Safety

Part 3.0 Building Security and Safety

Section 3.5 Safe Schools Policy - Weapons

Policy Statement:

Safe Schools Policy- Weapons

It is the policy of the American Preparatory Academy (the school) to make reasonable effort to provide a safe and nurturing learning and work environment.  The school prohibits violence on school property, at events associated with the school, or within the control of school personnel.   All persons are prohibited from unlawfully bringing ammunition, weapons and dangerous weapons, as defined by law, onto school property or at events associated with the school as outlined in the school's Student Handbook.  Employees, volunteers, contractors, invited guests, visitors and others are prohibited from unlawfully storing, possessing or using weapons or dangerous weapons on school grounds or at events associated with the school.  All persons are responsible to ensure that any item they possess is not a weapon or dangerous weapon, for which possession is prohibited by statute or this policy.

Possession of Dangerous Weapon Outside the Scope of Employment

Individuals who possess dangerous weapons, as defined by law, on school property or at an event associated with the school, or within the control of school personnel, whether or not the dangerous weapon is allowed by law, do so in their own individual capacities and not as school employees or volunteers.  Any use of a dangerous weapon by an individual on school property or at an event associated with the school, or within the control of school personnel, is outside the scope of their employment or volunteering activities and is contrary to the purpose of employment or volunteering activities at the school.

Individuals who are not peace officers who possess a dangerous weapon lawfully on school grounds must act in a manner that promotes the safety of themselves and others, including concealed possession of the dangerous weapon on the body of the person.  Dangerous weapons or ammunition stored in other areas, including desks, bags, purses or any other area is prohibited.  Individuals are prohibited from brandishing or "showing" a dangerous weapon to other persons, including students on school grounds, whether the dangerous weapon is loaded or unloaded.

Firearm Safety Training on School Premises

American Prep does not provide for firearm safety training to occur on school property until such time as a district policy may be developed in accordance with Section 53A-13-106 and Rule 277-611(B).


Violence- includes a threat of or the actual act of: pushing, shoving, assault, physical harassment, intimidation or coercion, brandishing of weapons or dangerous weapons or other behavior deemed violent by school administrators.

School Property- includes all school owned or leased buildings, land or other real property and property contents, including the vehicles of private persons when such vehicles are on school property, as defined above, or while used for the purpose of transporting individuals to events associated with the school, or within the control of school personnel, for the duration of the event, including travel.

Dangerous Weapon- includes all items as defined in Utah Code, Title 76, Utah Criminal Code.   Dangerous weapons include, but are not limited to handguns, rifles, shotguns or other firearms, knives, explosives, incendiary devices, any and all items used to commit acts of violence, and any and all items defined by statute or local ordinance as dangerous weapons, including replica, facsimile, and/or "look alike" weapons.  Dangerous weapons, historical or antique weapons, or other weapons may not be brought onto school property for demonstration purposes.

Ammunition- includes, but is not limited to, live bullets, bb's, pellets, incendiary devices and explosives of any kind, gunpowder, including any item with gunpowder as a part or component, fireworks, firework components, rocket engines, matches, lighters, fuel of any kind, arrows, sling shots or shot material, darts, and any and all other objects deemed ammunition by school administration.