Chapter G - Academics

Part 1.0 Academic Philosophy

Section 1.3 Academic Performance Standards

Policy Statement:

Academic Performance Standards

American Prep is a "school of choice" with a rigorous academic program.

American Prep's academic program comprises three vitally important components:

  1. the work and effort of the teachers and staff
  2. the work and effort of the students
  3. the support of the parents

Our staff and teachers are trained and well prepared to teach our students.  They are an experienced, well-trained group of professionals who are enthusiastic about their job in assisting your student as they achieve academically, learn and grow.  Most students who attend American Prep are well prepared also, and bring their own enthusiasm and love of learning to school with them each day.

However, if a teacher is not putting forth sufficient effort to enable the students to achieve mastery in their content area, the administration is committed to rectifying this through staff development, coaching and training.  If the teacher, after the remedies have been implemented, continues to be unsuccessful in working at the level required, they will be dismissed.

Likewise, the students at American Prep bear much responsibility with regard to exerting effort and completing assigned work so that they can benefit fully from the excellent academic programs of American Prep.  We believe that it is the responsibility of the school to provide effective organizational systems, positive motivation, excellent teachers and relevant, interesting curriculum for each student so that they can achieve academic success at American Prep.  We are confident that working together, all students can achieve this success.

We recognize that parental support is key to student achievement.  American Prep parents commit to support the learning process by ensuring their student has time each day for studying, a place at home to study, by checking the learning plans daily, ensuring on-time arrival and minimizing absences, providing healthy food for lunch, and engaging in positive communication to address questions, concerns or provide feedback.

We recognize that we cannot control student effort, participation, and work or parental participation.  We feel it is our duty to provide all the tools necessary, and do all we can to motivate students to succeed.  Ultimately, we recognize that student effort is controlled by the student and motivated by the parent.  After all we can do, academic success will not be the result if the student and/or parent is unwilling to do their part.

If a student consistently fails to participate in the American Prep academic program, or if their parent fails to honor the Acceptance of Policy, the School Administration may recommend to the Governing Board that the student's priority enrollment be reconsidered.  The Governing Board will hold a meeting with the family to discuss the areas of concern.  Any of the following, and other violations of the Acceptance of Policy or other school policies, may result in a Governing Board hearing:

  1. Students who fail the academic course of study as a result of lack of effort.
  2. Students who display willful noncompliance as evidenced by failure to turn in consecutive assignments or participate in classwork.
  3. Parents who are unwilling to review and sign the learning plan each day for students, and who fail to ensure their student completes assignments.