Chapter D - Communication

Part 5.0 Staff to Parent

Section 5.3 Academic Communication

Paragraph 5.3.3 Progress Reports

Policy Statement:

Bi-Monthly Student Progress Reports

In grades 3-6, teachers will send home a Student Bi-Monthly Progress Report on a scheduled basis according to the staff calendar.  This report will inform parents of any/all missing assignments as well as the student's behavior progress.  The Bi-Monthly Progress Report is a report emailed to parents who have email access or printed from Easy Grade Pro for those parents who have no email access.  Groups teachers submit a Grade Summary/Missing Assignment Summary to the classroom teacher to be included in the Bi-Monthly Progress Report.  The Staff Calendar lists the dates the Group Summaries are due to homeroom teachers.

In grades 1-2, Bi-monthly Progress Reports are sent only to the parents of students who are not reaching mastery in one or more subjects and to the parents of students who have missing work.

Jr. High/Secondary Progress Reports

Jr. High/Secondary students and their parents will all have SIS access, affording them day-by-day access to progress reports.  Formal progress reports will be sent to parents of Jr. High/Secondary students at mid-quarter.

Office Forms: OF F-4.3 Grading Guidelines Teacher

                        OF F-4.3 Grading Guidelines for Instructors