Section 9.3 Climate Control

Policy Statement:

Climate Control (HVAC)

The school shall use programmable thermostats.  Thermostats shall be programmed to minimize energy consumption when school is not in session, including weekends.  Instructional staff will be encouraged by PA announcement the afternoon before a one day holiday to turn off their HVAC.  Operations staff shall turn off HVAC (as outlined below) for two day holidays, taking into account the risk of freezing.

Operations staff shall ensure 24/7/365 climate control in the following areas of the school:

Band/orchestra rooms- set at 67 degrees when not in use

Server room- set at 74-78 degrees

Over the Winter Break, most (90%) of the HVAC units in the school shall be switched to Off.   Exceptions include the following, set at 55 degrees:

  • The Gym
  • The Multi-purpose room
  • Restrooms
  • The Teachers' Lunchroom
  • The Teachers' Workroom
  • The Kindergarten classroom
  • The Art classroom (Draper)
  • The Science Room
  • The Band/Orchestra rooms (see above)

Over the Spring and Summer breaks, all HVAC units shall be switched to off except for the band/orchestra and server rooms.

At all times, staff shall use common sense regarding HVAC practice and policy.